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Pre engineered Buildings

Technology Overview Of Pre Engineered Buildings

The Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) system is one of the fastest growing building systems in India. For the making of a building whether it is made of concrete or steel or wood the construction process needs a lot of time. The time is considered as the major aspect by most of the companies in the consideration and it has been proven that apart from the money time is also a more important thing which needs to be monitored. Hence, the concept of Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) has come into the field and brought a strong focus on people. Pre Engineering buildings are previously manufactured buildings which are reliable and durable. Pre Engineered buildings are lighter than the normal steel buildings. Nowadays many Construction companies will prefer to opt for pre-engineered buildings. For the fast and quality construction of industrial buildings, the PEB is the suitable option.

Pre Engineered Buildings are built in the factory and then shipped to the site and bolted together. Primary components include factory – fabricated and factory-painted steel column and beam segments. Steel plates of desired thickness are made by cutting them and welding together to make I sections. These sections have structural efficiency.

The secondary component includes Purlins, girts and eave struts used to support the wall and roof panels Light corrugated metal sheets are used for cladding on both the roof and external walls. These steel sheets are coated with an aluminium-zinc alloy which protects it from corrosion.  Purlins are used to connect grid of trusses; grits are used on the walls and eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof. A layer of insulation like rolls of glass wool or mineral wool is installed before installing the sheets. Self-tapping screws are used to fixed the sheets that run through the sheets and layers of insulation directly into the purlins. That is way of constructing pre engineered buildings.

Characteristics of  Pre Engineered Building

Rapid and Cost Effective design

For the designing of Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) highly-specialized computer software programs are used by the designers who can quickly and efficiently tailor building’s designs according to needs. Designer design each part of the system in such a way so that it is precisely fit together to transform into buildings with greater speed and accuracy.

Design Smart and Build Smarter

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) frames are built according to pre-specific design, and the geometry of the design indicates the stress of the building, reducing the amount of material used. In PEB construction the wastage of material is very low and it made of steel which is recyclable and environment-friendly material. So it is a smarter and efficient design and build process.

Light Weight Structure

Pre Engineered buildings (PEB) are built with the idea of a smarter and more efficient design, the precise materials used to construct a PEB result in a lighter building.

Better assembly leads to better results

After ordering a metal building, the entire design process and all of the parts are tested to check whether it works together as a functioning system or not. When it proved right supplier will supply it. There is no any issue during assembling pre engineered buildings.

Hastle Free Delivery

Once the design of building is decided, a metal building can arrive at the job site location within weeks and assembled also within weeks so it is fast construction

 Qualitative Delivery

Pre Engineered Buildings will be designed and fabricated with strict levels of quality control at every stage. There is also the added advantage of a single source of safety and responsibility

Easy expansion

If building may need to be expanded in the future. This can be possible easily in pre engineered buildings since they’re built with future expansion in mind. If anyone wants to transfer to another location then PEBs frames can be easily dismantled with low additional expenses

 Earthquake Resistant

As Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) used the lighter and more flexible qualities of the materials so building can move flexibly during a seismic event that cause less damage. This quality of lighter and flexible of PEB results in a higher resistance to earthquake tremors.

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