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Steel Frame Construction

Technology Overview of Steel Frame Construction

Light Gauge Steel framing is a revolutionary method of construction in a modern age where time, value for money and sustainability all are equally significant. According to contemporary lifestyle and changing weather condition in India we need to switch to a modern construction technology. Steel Frame Construction technology is the advent of a new concept in India which is now most demanding practices in construction due to its lightweight, least cost and faster construction. An economical Steel Frame Construction system is increasingly being used as the main construction method has caught on around the world in the last decay. This construction technique is being used in developed countries such as U.S, Canada, UK, Australia etc.

Steel Frame Construction is modern technology for construction of prefabricated buildings and structure on the basis of high quality galvanized steel. In steel Frame construction steel sections are used. These steel sections are called cold formed sections because sections are formed at room temperature. By this method, lightweight but high tensile steel sheets are formed. The sheet surface is coated with galvanized zinc or a mixture of zinc and aluminum called zincalume or galvalume that completely protect the surface from the corrosion.

Steel Frame Construction starts with the design of the building. Steel Frames are constructed according to design and architectural requirement in the factory This ready for ‘screw together’ labeled for assembly material are sent to the construction site where these frames are assembled by an expert team. Special studs are used during the assembly. After assembly in the gaps between the elements of the frame, heat insulation material is placed and then clad with dry sheeting on both sides so that a load bearing wall is formed and steel frame construction is completed.

Characteristics of Steel Frame Construction


Steel framed structures do not expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes.  Steel has High strength to weight ratio. So Steel will not ever wrape, dissever, deform, rotate, rot or splinter. All this power, yet it is furthermore weighs less , producing it simpler to handle.

Rapid Construction

Steel parts are shipped out from the manufacturing plant and pre-engineered to a specific design. Steel parts are pre-cut and ready to assemble so it eliminates the need for measuring and cutting on site. So large –scale projects completed within weeks. So steel frame construction is a time saving construction technique.

 Environment Friendly

Steel can be recycled at the end of its lifespan and also made from recycled materials. It does not have to be treated with chemicals and not generating pollution during construction, so it is non toxic green material .Steel framing lasts longer, and creates minimal raw material waste.

Earthquake Resistant

The structural integrity of steel frame houses has demonstrated the ability to withstand seismic activities. Hence steel frame construction is earthquake resistant.

Fire Resistant

Steel frame construction is fantastic as it has fire resistant ability. Steel is non-combustible; it will retain its strength at a much higher temperature so it will significantly reduce the risk of fire damage

Termite Resistant

Steel is unaffected by termites, bugs or rodents as well as mold or fungi. So to protect them from pest attack, the frames don’t require additional chemical treatments. Hence steel frame construction is safe from termite perspective.


Steel framed buildings are the first choice for extreme environmental conditions as it has ability to withstand high winds, heavy snow loads. Steel also safer for people handling and living or working around it because it doesn’t need treating with pesticides, preservatives.


Steel frame construction are lightweight, simpler to work with and lower to boat and store. It has high strength-to-weight ratio of steel roof framing allows for longer spans, creating larger, more open living areas

Noise pollution Resistant

Insulation system reduce energy consumption and act as sound barrier from outside which make steel frame construction a noise resistant.

Design Flexibility 

Steel structure can be made according to customer plan that is shape, size and design. It also   encourages home designers to think outside the square and make the most of available space

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